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My vision is to help people become more spiritually and economically self-reliant.



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Welcome to JudySherman.com

I am Judy Sherman, also known as Judith L. Sherman and JuLynne. You may recognize my name as the author of "The Treasure Box Series". Also, as an entrepreneur, you may know me from various blogs I've written and the business ventures I've been in for the past thirty-five years.

My work involves teaching success principles that have helped me become a happier and more successful person. The same principles that helped me can help you as well. Your personal and business goals can be achieved and the fullness of your potential realized.

It is rewarding to help people change their lives and to see them live the way God intended for them. This is why I am looking forward to working with some of you in the future. Please feel free to ask me about anything you read by clicking on the envelope located on the sidebar.

By adopting these principles, you will likely have the following results:

  • You will affect the people around you in a positive way;
  • You will learn to respond appropriately to situations that protects the peace around you and your peace of mind;
  • You will nourish your mind, body, spirit, and soul and become a more successful and happier person;
  • You will enjoy a sense of wellbeing and have peace of mind.


I married my husband when he came home on leave from boot-camp and was on his way to Germany. His orders were for a three year stint with the United States Air Force, which is why we married while he was home on leave.

After being married for only a week, my husband left me home until we saved enough money to buy my ticket for Germany. The military did not recognize enlisted menís wives in those days, so I had to work two jobs to earn enough money for a plane ticket to join him. Our first child was born overseas in a military hospital.

Today, my husband and I have been married for more than 45 years. We have four adult children and fifteen wonderful grandchildren. I enjoy playing games with the grandkids, reading with them, and doing puzzles.

Until 2009, I was teaching children (ages 16 to 17) in Sunday School. Actually, I have been teaching in the church for almost forty years -- teaching adults and children (ages 3 to 18). I love the children I teach, as if he or she is my very own! As you might guess, I take my responsibility as a teacher seriously, especially when I get hugs from them after they've moved on and come home to visit.

Basically, I am a congenial person and enjoy interacting with people. I especially enjoy being around positive-minded people who are happy and love life -- even in their trials.

Feeling blessed, I have a strong desire to help those in need of what I have -- if I can -- and try to help them feel better about their circumstances. My goal is to look past the person on the outside and try to see the person inside. It is the core of a person that I look for, and it's that person I appreciate and love.

I was raised on a farm in Idaho. It is from that environment as a child that I learned the value of working as I helped my father with chores. One chore that I fondly remember is, at five or six years old, my father asked me to help by driving a flat bed truck down rows while he tossed on bales of hay. My job was to keep the truck straight in the row and then turn the steering wheel into the next row. Of course, my father had put the truck in low gear so all I had to do was keep the truck straight and turn the wheel as needed.

My husband and I relocated a lot in our first twenty years of marriage. At first we moved because of his military stints and later we moved for job opportunities. However, the moves we've made the past ten years have been mostly for jobs that put us closer to our children and grandchildren.

We have been blessed to live in Germany, Idaho, California, Utah, Oregon, Indiana, and now Texas. Together, we visited Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Washington state, Iowa, Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada.

On my way to Germany, I was able to spend some time in Boston, West Virginia, and Washington D.C.; where I visited historical sites. It was a thrill to see America's Capitol and to be where so much of our county's history took place. My uncle worked in the Pentagon so he took me around to meet people. One of the people I remember meeting was Mac Namara, the Secretary of Defense, and other officials. I visited West Virgina and went to the Unknown Soldiers site and the grave of President Kennedy. In addition, I also enjoyed visiting the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Hall of Congress, the Library of Congress, and the Treasury.

We enjoy traveling around the world and seeing the beauty of this nation. Via the military, my husband has visited the Philippines, Japan, Spain, Guam, and Hawaii. I told him he could go anywhere in the world without me except for Hawaii. When his orders changed from Guam to Hawaii, he called to to tell me about it. He said, "My orders changed, I have to go to Hawaii." I jokingly responded, "Have to go? Oh darn! Iím sure that will be hard on you!" Since then, he has gone back to Hawaii several times, but always without me. Our goal is to save money for me to go with him next time he goes to Hawaii and Japan.


In short, my hobbies are the following:

  • Crocheting
  • Oil painting
  • Reading uplifting and self-improvement books
  • Writing books and blogs.
Reading good books has opened my mind to a world that I did not know existed. I didn't read much as a child because I had poor comprehension. As an adult, I am thankful for the ILD (International Leadership Development) business organization that encouraged me to read. I am also thankful that I am able to help people through my own writings.

As you notice by my background, traveling with my husband has become an additional hobby. However, as of yet, I do not know where we will retire but we hope it will be some place in the mountains with trees and a creek. This is the type of environment that we enjoy most.

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